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Follow the leader, The fearless Elon Musk of TESLA.

Elon Musk is at it again!!!  After a decade in the business of almost anything energy he has successfully capitalized on his goals... ALL OF THEM. SOLAR check! Energy Storage, check! Battery Powered Sports Cars, check! Profits from those sports cars to help create everyday cars the every man and woman can own, check!.   That is why this week Mr. Musk of Tesla has decided he needed to create another "Master Plan"  I'm telling you this guy is good, and I for one am on board with whatever he is interested in.  Check out his new path by clicking the green box below.

The Time For Women In Energy Is NOW!!!

That's right. With the recent boom in clean energy focus there are alot of oportunities to be had and not just for the men. Women can and will be leading the way into our energy future.  This is a great article that has some important insight in todays energy market.  Energy leaders are looking to rejuvinate the market for women.  So ladies, Get To It!!!  Just Click It!

Its Here! & it's clear, Lithium Ion is the future of Energy storage and use!

Lithium Ion energy storage is starting to make its presence know in the world of energy eficiency.  Take a look at this video from the fine people at TESLA and Elon Musk himself, who explain how and why this technology should be implemented in homes and business' across the country.  As always contact GREEN ENERGY GROUP and find out how this may be able to help you out as well! 


A good read involving Energy Retro-Fit for Business'.

   -Thanks Forbes/Energy.   


Exiting Times for Green Energy Group.

Green Energy Group would like to announce project approval with Erie 1 BOCES and R&P Oak Hill Development llc.   Erie 1 BOCES is an educational organization that is located in West Seneca NY.  The project requires that all fluorescent lights will be replaced with NEW RVLT G3 LED lamps,(nearly 5,000!) creating a 56% energy savings attributed to lighting alone!  This is a major step forward for the Erie 1 BOCES team.  The savings from this project are expected to have a Return on Investment (ROI) in UNDER 2 YEARS!  A Big THANK YOU goes out to all parties and individuals involded in making this joint venture a possibility.  Installation of the measures which is also provided by Green Energy Group, is expected to start soon and come to completion by the start of summer 2016. Before and after photos will be available after completion. Once again Thank You to all involved!

Thinking Solar?  

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Energy Efficiency Tips.

Our Project Goal is simple.  Find what is the best route to success for your business energy needs. From there together we will form a plan to capitalize and show a true return on investment.


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